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Music festival-themed Airstream Stays

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Buda Place RV Resort in Buda, Texas, has unveiled an exciting addition: a fleet of Airstreams available for overnight and long-term rentals, providing a unique and nostalgic experience. Overlooking the picturesque Lake Budaful, these music festival-themed Airstreams offer guests a stay amidst a blend of history, serene nature ,and modern luxury.

The allure of Airstreams lies not just in their shiny aluminum exterior or their cozy, carefully crafted interiors, but in the remarkable story behind these iconic trailers. The Airstream legacy traces back to the visionary founder, Wally Byam, who crafted his first travel trailer in 1929. In 1931, he established Airstream, laying the foundation for a brand that would become synonymous with freedom, adventure, and craftsmanship.

Crafted by hand in Jackson Center, Ohio, each Airstream demands meticulous attention, taking an average of 350 hours to complete. Their unique shape and heavy-duty aluminum construction have set them apart for nearly a century, earning them the status of an American icon. Their shiny silver exterior catches rays of sunlight, creating a magical ambiance around these trailers.

Moreover, Airstreams have an illustrious connection with Hollywood and renowned personalities. Celebrities like Tom Hanks, Tim Burton, Lenny Kravitz, and Matthew McConaughey have embraced the Airstream lifestyle, customizing their trailers to reflect their unique personalities. Movies like “The Accountant,” “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” and “Charlie’s Angels” have featured Airstreams, adding to their allure on the silver screen.

Wally Byam’s adventurous spirit extended beyond the trailers themselves. He organized caravans, leading groups of Airstream enthusiasts across continents, embodying the essence of freedom and exploration. His dedication even led to a remarkable gesture when he covered his personal Airstream in gold and towed it across Europe for his wife, Stella.

Beyond the glimmering exterior lies the heartfelt story of Wally Byam’s wife, Stella, immortalized in the “Stella’s Gold Airstream.” This iconic trailer, adorned in gold anodized aluminum, stands as a tribute to Stella’s unwavering support for her husband’s dreams. In a beautiful homage to her spirit, Stella’s Sisters, an international club for solo female Airstream travelers, embodies her passion for exploration and embodies the essence of Airstream adventures. Buda Place was proud to host the “Sisters” in 2021 in their inaugural rally where they unveilled the Stella Sister’s club. Both Airstream Queen Rachel Adams and Buda Place owner, Katie Harrington are members of Stella Sisters!

This rich history intertwines with the present at Buda Place RV resort. The new “Airstream alley,” nestled beside Lake Budaful, offers guests a retreat complete with large decks, firepits, and outdoor gas propane grills. The proximity to a dog park makes it an ideal spot for pet owners, while the adjacent putting green invites guests to enjoy leisurely moments by the lake. Additionally, the Airstream fleet at Buda Place pays homage to famous music festivals in the United States, adding a vibrant theme to the experience.

Each Airstream is thoughtfully named after these iconic festivals, enhancing the overall ambiance of the RV resort.

As guests settle into the allure of “Airstream Alley” at Buda Place, they partake in a journey that intertwines history, luxury, and a touch of glamor. These music festival-themed Airstream stays offer a portal into the past while creating memories that echo the timeless spirit of exploration and freedom championed by Wally Byam and the iconic Airstream brand.

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